Keep Your Soil In Place

Keep Your Soil In Place

Take advantage of a retaining wall installation in Spring City, TN

If you build on a slope, runoff can erode your soil and end up damaging your foundation. Instead of trying to reshape your land with a complicated excavation project, consider using a retaining wall installation to keep your soil in place.

CS Construction builds brick, stone and concrete retaining walls in Spring City, TN and the surrounding areas. You can choose the material you want to create a wall that looks attractive and complements your home. We'll work with you on the design to make sure your retaining wall is as beautiful as it is functional.

The benefits of a retaining wall

Still not sure if a retaining wall installation is the right choice for your property? Consider that a retaining wall will...

  • Help slow down water and direct it away from your home, protecting your property
  • Give you a dedicated space to plant a garden, flowers or bushes
  • Stop erosion in its tracks and keep your soil safe

You can also rest easy knowing a stone or concrete retaining wall can last for decades with little maintenance. Find out more when you call us at 423-447-3024 or 423-883-4972.